Saturday, November 12, 2016

Looking for diamonds in a haystack.

A strong genuine effort. A rewarding day. Books were going for five dollars per bag, and I filled mine past the brim. I stretched the plastic bags until the books cost twenty cents each. I woke up early and was the first on the scene. I skip hardcover fiction, and scour under tables, and check every DVD in the place. I open up boxes, and sit on the floor, and make neat piles according to size.

I sat back in the van and drank more coffee and looked at my custom map. I zoomed in on my location, and checked the markers, and made a plan of attack. I identified nearby sources, and made the rounds until late afternoon. I get in the zone, and forget to eat, and lurch around like a zombie. I'm making money and getting things done, and celebrating maybe too much.


Anonymous said...

What are your plans heading to Florida? Are you going to hammer down and drive directly there or are you going to do a slow trip down and do some exploring along the way? Are you taking your Diamondback bicycle or one of the folding bicycles?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I suppose I intend to go at a slower pace, unless it's cold, in which case I'll be in a hurry. I'll probably take the Diamondback, 'cause I'll miss it if I don't. I plan to bolt a bicycle rack to the van's back door with U-bolts. A "trunk rack" type setup isn't compatible with that door, and I don't want to lose space inside. It's less stealth that way, but with all the windows and vents on the roof, I think I crossed that bridge anyway.

ksantry said...

Hi Chris, I'm so happy to see you're still rolling around and writing! I followed your tiny house blog for several months a couple years? ago, during my get-outta-town phase and let's-build-a-tiny-house-in-the-woods. I'm so glad you're out there. Cheers!
#vanlife, although I'm presently living in a sweet ass old apartment in a small New England town by the water with my sweethearts (man, cat, and dog) I look forward to catching up with your perspectives!

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Thanks for saying hi!