Tuesday, May 14, 2019


I'm on track. It can be challenging to remember my goals; short and long-term. Even with an uncomplicated life, it only takes a few items on a list to overwhelm and sink me. Chance, the adult human who I am dating, has been helping me move to Texas officially on paper. A project like that takes every bit of wherewithal I can muster. Doing it alone feels almost impossible.

Usually I feel relief only by remembering that if I do absolutely nothing for long enough, I might one day die in peace, and leave The Man empty-handed.

I got my passport renewed. I'm riding a bicycle to Mexico with a bunch of goofballs in two days, so it's a damn good thing I have a passport. I waited way too long, and still didn't even look up the renewal process. I waited long enough that I had to drive to Houston and pay for expedited service and Express Mail. Chance set up an appointment for me at the Houston passport agency, and texted me that I had to open an email and confirm the appointment. I didn't ask them to do this, but they knew it needed to be done, so they went ahead and did it for me.

I got my passport renewed, and I used my new Texas address. I switched my car insurance to Texas, which is cheap as shit, and got a real authentic Texas licence plate. Next up is a Texas driver's licence, and from there I should be able to finalize the moving of my health insurance to a plan that works in Texas. If I can manage all that, I will have access to Adderall, which feels like the most critical piece in this particular puzzle o' bullshit. Oh: back taxes. Chance is helping with that too.

What am I bringing to the table? I am happy to wash all of the dishes we could ever make dirty. I can try to never get mad. I am utterly relieved to be with somebody who has skills and wants to have a relationship that operates as a team. They said so. I can't imagine more compelling words to say to me. With the opposite powers of our weird brains combined, I think we might become stronger than the sum of our parts. I am excited to find opportunities to contribute, but the team captain has the skills which prove more useful on a daily basis. For now I show appreciation and try to help more than I get in the way.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Doing mostly great. Can't claim 100%, cause minor panic attacks here and there. Other times I'm dancing in the kitchen.