Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three days in Philadelphia

I woke up cold and early with dirty cranks in my face. I was surrounded by a bicycles - one that I love, one that I like, and one that I'm getting rid of today. I squirmed from sleeping bag #2 - the cheaper one that I bought used at a gear store twelve years ago. It's good when it's not terribly cold. I pissed in the correct wine bottle, and made a third mental note to organize a better system of separation, lest some day I make a mistake.

I pulled up the curtain and sat at the wheel. 

I cruised near the bicycle shop on Fairmount Avenue. I parked beside the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is now just for show. I shut off the engine for the next two days. Fancy neighborhood, convenient location. I got rid of the bicycle that I liked the least.

I went to get coffee, and added some food. I'm fucking up and I know it - spending like this - the money in my wallet flies out like birds. My wallet is packed and then it's refilled. I'm doing a bad job of taking care of my interests.

I cruised downtown to the Bicycle Expo. I spent all day, and had legitimate fun. I'm alone and I'm lonely, but I'm also a nerd. This is what I like to see. I talked to some people and attended seminars. 

At the end I cruised north, back to the van, to drop off some items and attain other ones. I took wine to the river. I wore a warm hat, and every so often a fish made a splash. I went to a bar and ate tacos for dinner, and paid the full price for being unprepared. 

I returned late to the van and laid down in wonder. The Eastern State Pen is still hosting an event called "Terror Behind the Walls." It's for Halloween, but it's still going on, and zombies in prison guard uniform milled outside the van, eliciting screams from passers by. I was satisfied, and by 3am it was over, and the people from the bars were all gone. I assume I slept at least some. 

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