Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kicking through horseshit.

I did the bare minimum. I put bottles in a bag, and put the bag in the van. Kristin came to get a bunch of her stuff. I fucking hate it here now. There's moments that aren't terrible, but I mostly want to either fall asleep or blow up the planet.

There was a gathering at the house next to this one. Everyone was invited over, like a gathering of neighbors sort of thing. I tried to bow out, but thought better of it. It was fine. There was talk about foxes and hawks. None of it made much sense. Then there was dessert.

Mostly I'm losing my mind still. I hate to say that, because I know people get much worse. Complaining about it doesn't make anything better. But I have about 100 things I would like to blow up. I don't want to go into detail now, but suffice it to say there's a lot of horseshit to kick through.

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