Monday, November 14, 2016

Ten grand in the hole.

I've been working on sorting out my taxes. The government wants my money back since 2014. I've employed a team of accountants, and the whole ordeal is an expensive mess. Turns out they say I owe $10,000. That's not something I make in a day. First I hit the roof. Then I shrugged, 'cause what else is new.

So I worked. I made stacks of books and rows of boxes. I put shrinkwrap on lots of audiobooks. I'm going to dig myself out of the hole. I'll ask my wife to chip in her half, and she'll type me a little "fuck you." It won't be funny, it'll hurt my feelings, then I'll get a little bit mad.

I drank a giant bottle of discount wine and exchanged texts with a pretty much stranger. Another day in the bag.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a tax accountant or any sort of expert but I've had dealings with them in the past when I got in trouble you might want to look into the offer in compromise since you don't own anything or make a lot of money they would probably be willing to work with you it's referred to as O I C hope this helps your situation

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Hey -

Thanks for this type of practical input. This is something I will look into as soon as I get to that bridge. I negotiated a boatload of debt years ago. Either way, I hope to get ahead by the time I'm forty. I'd hazard to aim for thirty-five...

Amidst this, I'm trying to shovel some money into a Roth IRA before I give it all away.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards,