Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goals and budgets that I'm hoping I keep.

I'm working on creating a budget. I'm working on reaching goals. For the fun of it, here's all the details.

Goal #1 is to buy and have for sale one thousand new books per month. This is an achievable goal, but not as easy as I thought. This month is the first time I'll reach that goal in over a year. It might not be easy while traveling - but six hundred would probably still do the trick.

Goal #2 is to be in Key West by New Years. I have some van work to do, but I can't see how that won't happen. If it comes right down to it, I'll leave before I'm completely prepared.

The budget I created is only a beginning. If it doesn't work, I'll tweak it, but it's better than nothing at all. I'm allowing my business $1,500 to purchase books, which is definitely more than enough. I'm giving myself $400 personally every time the business gets paid. That means $200 per week. Aside from that, I give myself another $225 out of every payment, which goes directly into a Roth IRA. It worked this month, but hasn't in the past, and I want to fix that problem. I want to contribute the maximum amount allowable to retirement savings, to make it easier to horse around indefinitely. Most of my expenses are business related, so none of that comes out of my personal cut. But healthcare costs are not a business expense, so I'm taking that out of my personal income for now. Once my back taxes are paid, and I'm making more than I need, I'll create a small emergency buffer. I imagine the budget will need adjustments, but I get some peace of mind that I typed on a spreadsheet for now. 

I am thankful and relieved that I am running a business that pays more whenever I work hard - but lets me fuck up and goof off as well. It's time to start cheering up. A business like this one is not a given, so I am embracing it and being grateful right now.

Goal #3 is to be happier and spend less - this will be tested on the road. Traveling tends to get expensive, and I want to keep costs reigned in. I want to cook in the van and ride a bicycle. Margaritas only as budget allows.

I'm hoping I can juggle these goals and clarify my expenses. I want to be the captain of a ship that nearly steers itself. It took me a long time to get here, but I'm not calling it quits because of poor past performance. I hoping I learn how to live.

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