Monday, November 7, 2016

Looking for transmissions from the bottom of a lake.

I'm back in the burbs. Back next to the big house. Refreshed from my outing in the city. Back to spending my days in a house, and having access to power from a long orange cord.

I'm downloading apps to try to meet people. I'm sifting through data and looking for weirdos. I'm avoiding people with degrees and careers, and looking for transmissions from the bottom of a lake. I make a profile, and put myself out there like a severed head on a stick. 

Ever since high school, I have been playing this game. Back when Yahoo Chat had real people and Instant Messenger was used by everybody, I would be up until 4am. Later, I used Craigslist platonic to find situations, and exchanged millions of words throughout time. I mostly like chat, but sometimes we meet. Sometimes we email for six years, and sometimes I fall asleep on their floor or their bed.

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