Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I won 1500 bucks

I was in LA 32 days ago rolling off a two-day sober stint. They were supposed to roll tape two weeks earlier. Two weeks earlier, I was ready. I was practically wearing a bow tie and annunciating. But I got a last minute call that filming was on hold, and two weeks passed.

I ate that slim $12 burrito and watched planes land.

As the sun went to a beautiful low angle, I walked past a burnt out homeless encampment under a highway bridge and felt unsettled. An hour later I recognized that what I had seen was a mistake rather than an attack; the way the tents and equipment were arranged spoke of an accident. Why hadn’t I processed those telltale details before? They were ok.

I had a fuckload of margarita and a shitty quesadilla and then pasted a dispensary address into Uber. The dispensary was mid-level sketchy, and that would be a whole story, but I wiggled my way into the best blunt I have ever seen.

The next day I met Jay Leno and I won 1500 bucks,