Thursday, November 10, 2016

Doctors, solar power, and flamethrowers.

The Fight Against Darkness

Life is much better when the sun comes out. But I'm still not riding bicycles, and that's my big mistake. My absence from cruising is what's causing my problems. That doctor prescribed me Zoloft, which upon reading about seems a little extreme. With a minute of research I found vitamins and fish oil, which seems a little more my speed. More bicycles, less doctors. Less rain. Moving ahead.

Letting In the Light

I have a solar panel and controller kit on the way. 100 watts of solar should be enough, since I've gone with zero before. I intend to be in direct sunlight always, so that should cook my batteries alive. I don't have water pumps and TV, so my rough estimate is it'll be FINE. I have an antenna that magnifies wifi, so I estimate that I'll be the KING.

Trimming the Weeds

Business is boring, but my aim is to type. Today was all coffee and screens. I have seven thousand books for sale, and a quarter of them are bad. By "bad" I mean that they won't make money. Technically they cost me to keep. These are mostly duds purchased two years ago, which is part of the nature of this job. I slashed at my prices for hours. It costs fifteen cents each to destroy them, so I'm crossing my fingers I sell them at all. If I could do it myself, I'd use a flamethrower on them, but Bezos does not approve of that plan. You can ignore them for years, but eventually they catch up, and you'll deal with them in the end. I have books on the other side of the spectrum - fresh and expensive and I like them a lot - but today was about trimming the weeds.

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