Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sticks and bits of cotton.

I sped away fast, and headed toward Shawn's. Loud music and a large van cruising toward Delaware. Shawn's up late, and I was there five minutes faster than anyone would have guessed. I don't remember what happened next - but then the sun was up and birds were nesting inside my head.

Sticks and bits of cotton were being stuffed in my skull. I woke up in my van next to the fence.

The day began late, but I thought I'd make an effort. I did not disappoint myself there. A little bit of effort every single day, and I won't have to be sad that I'm a slouch. I spent the day in Delaware doing what should be done. While the sun was up, the music was loud. The day became darker and numbness returned.

Jonas contacted me about an open mic. I put it in drive, and went to Philly. I kept sticking around for a few more songs. I thought about beer, but opted for coffees instead. The nesting was still not complete. I was a marionette with severed strings; doing my best under the circumstances.

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