Sunday, November 27, 2016

Meeting a new person; being awake too late.

Meeting new people in real life is awkward. Especially when they are reading what I am writing right here. I'm happy to get past the uncertainty and enjoy the opportunity to talk without typing on a phone. After a relaxing Sunday during which I allowed myself to chill out, I headed to Philadelphia to meet a girl I met on an app called "Patook." The purpose of the app is to find like-minded people who you do not flirt with or date. If you try to pull cute shenanigans, you get kicked off the app, and your phone catches on fire.

All went great, like I assumed it would. We talked until late, and then I drove home. My attempt to meet new people was a total success.

I was sober and hungry around 12:30am and Pennsylvania is a hard place to fix both at that hour. But I was in luck because I found a pub that doesn't close in spite of being empty late on Sunday night. I got wings and ate slowly, and when I finally got the check it wasn't cheap. I was there until they closed, and up past 3 o'clock listening to new music that warms my heart.

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