Thursday, November 17, 2016

By the time I left, I was glad I was there.

About writing this nonsense:

I've forgotten how to write. My brain is trying to rhyme and keep a cadence, even though I'm only shooting for sentences. It's distracting, and I'm not sure what's going on. In any case, as always, this is merely an electronic heap of words. This is mostly for my own reference later, but anyone is welcome to watch me get dressed.

I'll say something else. I'm definitely up and down. When I type it sounds a lot worse. I'll crack my way out of this funk, because time passes, and that's what happens. I'm not trying to shout out too loud, and I'm not exactly drowning always. I'm in a tight spot, and I'm moving on. It doesn't look pretty as I type every day.

I have one more note. I'm trying to write more often, so it might look ugly. As always, read this shit at your own risk. I'm trying to impress people, but not every day. I'm making it impossible to find the entries that I'm proud of. But that is not my concern today.

How today actually went: 

Today? Today was all about more due diligence. Usually for book sales, I stick closer to home. Today I branched out into Maryland. The going was rough. Locals in sweatpants scrambled for scraps. The rooms were small, and there were not many books. It was worth being active, but I lowered the bar. It was haggard and rough and made me wonder what I'm doing.

As usual, I didn't eat food, and ended up holding a shelf for support. After the first sale, I looked for more opportunities to drive around and find more books. A little bit of searching revealed another sale, which happened to be thirty minutes away.

The second sale was far worse than the first. More sweatpants and desperation. People were clawing for air as they sank in the lake. I was severely ready to be finished. Instead I stepped back and took a deep breath. I looked around the room again. In all the foolishness, people usually miss something. In the corner were carts full of discarded books on CD. Nobody seemed to have noticed. I went over there and started looking up prices, and by the time I left I was glad I was there.

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