Thursday, November 24, 2016

An excellent office setup makes Thanksgiving great.

We didn't eat turkey. Us Harnes got too involved with a large breakfast followed by massive endless snacking. Instead of snacking much, I mostly watched cop chases online. The turkey is on hold until tomorrow.

I worked on some basic administration in my temporary office. This office is the best. The basement started getting cold and dark. I hinted about moving upstairs, but I don't like to bash change over anybody's head. Mom thought light and warmth seemed sensible. Dad seemed unconvinced. As always, I made my own move with no further questions. Similar to when I built a tiny house on the corner of their lot.

I laid the top of a large desk from an Ikea setup on a bed in the guest room. No legs needed - it rests right on the mattress to make a low table top. I cleared my nephew's toys off of the large custom table that I literally built with processing books in mind. Printers, boxes of materials, and a set of drawers came next. I set up my shrinkwrapping station, and there's a big heater that does its job well. I put a card table between the bed and the processing table, and that's where the laptop goes. This is the perfect setup. It's not complicated, but it is working the best. There are windows to let in a little bit of light. The heater is most welcome. I should have set this up months ago.

Thanksgiving was a success. I'm sleeping inside, because fuck the fucking cold. I mean... it's fine... but why not take advantage of inside accommodations, right? Right. So I sat on the bed and listened to that Skrillex/Diplo/Bieber track about 75 times in a row. I texted with my new friend, Xerox, on the phone for an hour or so. We have plans to meet in real life soon. When she sees this, she will see that I'm saying "HELLO!"

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