Monday, November 21, 2016

Fond reverence for the ruffed grouse.

I got up slightly before I felt like it, which wasn't much later than my optimal time. I cut up an old baked potato to make hashbrowns for two eggs. That's the optimal breakfast in my opinion. Either a potato or some beans. I got to work by the time I've decided I ought to, which for the record is 11am.

I took the optimal amount of Adderall, which had me running around like an efficient clown. My to-do list started as a wisp of smoke, but took form in the shape of squares. The money is increasing from recent efforts - I checked at least thirty times. It was squares and rectangles for another day, and none of those insidious curvy lines in my brain. I'm basically all jacked up to appease the government. I need to make money for them. I'm jacked up for the sake of societal norms. It makes people uneasy when others pretend.

Probably I'm much better, 'cause I'm listening to music. I'm even better when it's loud. I like to get the speakers in the van right to the point where they're falling apart. Then I roll to Staples to drop off my squares.

Hummus and Merlot for dinner. The workday is falling away like skin melted with acid. Time to switch back to circles instead.

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