Friday, October 16, 2015

Wives Must Tell You.

Sometimes your wife needs to tell you the truth. Every human has truth to squeeze out - when circumstances permit, it exudes. Our marriage is tainted. I am difficult. I might not be the worst, and I hope I'm not, but I can rain down variables. I can rain down an uncomfortable storm of rip-rap. I can make a good girl feel sad.

I took words to heart. Like a bullet, but more like a train. I'm hard pressed. I'm pressed in a general sense. Pressure. This pressure is what we have.

Money, we make. Food, we have.

Now I drink again. Today and all others I smoke pot. I use adderall to run the business we share.

All seems better. It does.

As life unfolds before me, my first instinct is to share it on this page. But my life details are no longer mine alone to share. I'm married. Not all can be public. Floundering is a personal sport.

I can do it all...      I can!     ... I will!     ... just watch me.

My top lack is a quickness to describe. Permission. Prudence. My will to type.