Saturday, November 19, 2016

Solar potential and people in kitchens.

I have 100 watts of solar potential. It's sitting in a box in the kitchen right now. First I need to put it on the roof of the van. Then it's nearly time to go south.

I stood around in a different kitchen later. I met some people I like. Well, technically I met them before - but now I could hear what people were saying, and a portion of that was great.

Life developments happen slowly. They at least take longer than a day. So this isn't 365 no repeats here. Most of these days are the same. 

In 2007, I thought "what a great idea!" I'll write what I'm doing every day. I thought that would be a motivation to add excitement. "I'm on the top of a mountain!" "Jumping out of a plane!" Now it's nine years later, and I've written nine years worth of posts about trying to stay sane.

I know what to do in the long run. But I'm getting that seasonal shit right now. I'm in the process of taking my life back. The proceedings are frankly dull.

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