Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ukuleles at the Green Parrot.

The Kraken called. Ukuleles would be played at the Green Parrot. Wine and a movie had been on my agenda, but I supposed that plan could wait for tomorrow.

After darkness was complete, a misting of rain began. I sipped wine while some quinoa and lentils boiled. When the food pot was complete, I rested tortillas on the supports above the little isobutane burner - one at a time, and flipping them every five seconds. I had tacoesque dinner in my fabulous home, then insinuated myself in my premium spot - my most peaceful spot on the island.

I proceeded by Hoopty bicycle to the Green Parrot. I knew I would get a beer once there. I regretted the effect on my super-low budget. In past times, I might end up buying four or five, but tonight I stopped after two [10.50 with tip]. Maybe next time, I thought, I could keep costs down, and simply order a water. Next time, I could sip wine outside, from a discreet plastic mug kept in the Hoopty's milk crate.

The Kraken was a little bit late. She can play ukulele, among other stringed instruments, ie: dulcimer et. al., so the scene appeared less awkward for her. However, as it turns out, there were more than a dozen ukuleles to borrow, and the chords are often one finger on a string. There were notecards displayed with chord diagrams, so I was only 95% off. I could pretend to play along, and hit a note 5% of the time. In the din of the bar, you could scarcely tell the difference. Some CeeLo Green and some Of Monsters and Men. Bob Marley, and obvious classics were played. George Michael and Michael Jackson were fun.

The Young Man also showed up. We had a great time fake strumming and goofing around. He borrowed a ukulele that looked like a tiny banjo. It was cute as the dickens, I'll tell you. The one I used was transparent green lucite, and would float if you dropped it in the water.

We all joked around for a couple more hours. The Young Man scored us a free beer that we split. But soon it became late, and it was time to ride back to our RVs and vans where we parked them.

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