Monday, January 2, 2017

Parking in Key West.

I am mostly finished with feeling lonely. I am establishing patterns and settling in. I know this island and it feels like home. I am full of love for this place.

This is why I am in Key West:

1) It is a tropical island.
2) You can drive to it.

I need no additional incentive to be here. I am here to find summer when winter is everywhere else. It is merely a bonus that the island is full of weirdness and friendly people. The island could be far shittier and I would still drive here to park.

I drive to my daytime spot. Doors and windows open! Vents and curtains up! I cook a little breakfast and watch cruise ships glide into port. I wear a tank top instead of a t-shirt; sandals instead of shoes.

I drive to my nighttime spot. Bottle and laptop open! Curtains and volume down! I drink $3 Pinot Grigio and text with some friends. A light breeze rustles palm fronds above my open vents.

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