Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It was so adorable it floored me...

I can only report on how happy I am. I am increasingly content and peaceful. It was in this mood and mindset that I began working on new crochet. She arrived as my crochet began to look good. My rows were clean and precise, and I was adding the brightest colors. She ambled over from her small RV, and invited me to join her in crossing the street. She had a basil plant waiting for her at the garden. To be perfectly honest, I was zoomed in on my crochet. But it would be ridiculous to turn down any manner of invitation.

After retrieving the small potted basil, we continued to wander about. We watched the sunset, which is what I do every day, because I am parked near a pier with nothing on my schedule. We had many things to discuss, being from the same tribe, and I enjoyed hearing her stories. She has some serious adventure in her past and future, and she seems to be very young. She lived with monkeys in a treehouse in Costa Rica, and she's been here and there on a sailboat. She thought it appropriate and fun to not share her name. More amused than invested, I let it pass. We sat eating some quinoa with a little bit of basil, and I learned more details aside from her name.

Soon after darkness, another friend arrived. It was a young man who she knows who has been sleeping in a car. Sometimes, he takes refuge in the RV. As they caught up, I was content to relax and listen. A Scientologist is trying to poach and hypnotize him. The attempted indoctrination led him to Miami. He had just arrived back on the island. I suggested a Wikipedia search of Scientology, but he thought it better to go to the source. The real information, he claimed, was all on their website. They have answers for everything.

Then the good part began. They compared notes about how on the previous evening, they had both independently rescued different baby birds. I worked to contain my intense enjoyment of the details of this conversation. She had created a bed with a half of a coconut, but had to keep the bird close to her body to give it warmth. If she tried to rest, it would begin to chirp, and she would draw it close again. In his case, the bird was an orphaned baby chicken, and he constructed a bed from a small cardboard box. He made a nest of toilet paper to keep the tiny chick warm, and draped a small piece over it like a blanket. They spoke excitedly about their efforts. They took their tiny birds to the same bird sanctuary. At different times, they'd spoken to the same person there. The extent to which this was adorable floored me.

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