Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Always Blazin'

"Do you smoke wax?"

My battery was dead, because I listened to too much music again. I was jumping the starter battery from the house battery bank when a new vehicle dweller introduced himself. He was in his late forties, or maybe early fifties. He had a deep tan, and his skin showed wrinkles consistent more with long term sun exposure than age. He was smoking from a vaporizer.

Wax. I could guess what that meant.

"What's that? Some kind of concentrated shit or something?"

I tested my assumption. My assumption was confirmed. This man had an infectious smile. Everyone on this island seems happy. I have not encountered a single mopey fellow.

I explained that while I do like to smoke pot, I usually do so at night when I do not need to drive or make any decisions. It is for last minute relaxing, or any time I am partying and already parked for the night. Weed makes me feel nervous at most other times.

This man was family. He's been rolling with Rainbow Family since the 1970's. We talked for a long time about how Key West used to be decades ago. We talked about living in vehicles and how Key West is today.

"Well, if you see me, stop by" he told me. "I'm always blazin'" he said with a grin.

He is always blazing, I thought. I loved this statement. I believe it to be exactly true.

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