Sunday, January 15, 2017

Enjoying another guy's trip.

This morning I backed into my usual spot. I opened my doors toward the ocean. A storm would arrive later today - it was looming offshore on the radar. The resulting waves were huge for Key West - on par with other reef-less beaches along the east coast. As I got ready for my daily coffee and eggs, my buddy walked toward me with an interesting smile. He opened his mouth as he approached, and he stuck out his tongue to show me. Little squares of paper. "Haha..." I shook my head. "Looks like your plans are made..."

This a young guy. We talk almost every day. He is only nineteen, like The Young Man, who is now somewhere in the Everglades. Compared to me, these are kids. This one is far more in control than TYM, and has his feet planted on Planet Earth. He seems at ease at the helm of his ship. The helm is in the back seat of a Toyota. I'm impressed that he's pulling that off with aplomb.

He’d dropped the acid twenty minutes earlier. It was starting to pretend to kick in. I asked if he’d eaten anything besides paper. I either informed or reminded him that he would soon not be hungry. I offered him breakfast and plenty of water. We sat in the van to chat.

I started making six eggs while we talked. First, I cooked three for him on the camp stove. I know he loved them, because I have mastered this craft. As he ate his, I cooked three for myself, and used the same-and-only bowl once he finished.

I know how LSD and mushrooms can go. There are themes and patterns that emerge. It can go bad in a strange environment. Results can be unexpected... to say the very least. We walked out on a narrow pier with no sides and talked. The surface of the pier is metal slats with gaps down to the ocean. The pillars are concrete, and there are steps down to the water. For me, none of this appeared to be moving. We put our feet over the side, and sat above the waves. Every so often, a bigger wave crashed into the steps and splashed us. We discussed life and norms for a couple of hours. Then I went back to my day.

My instinct was to make sure his ideas were safe - but he didn't need my help or guidance. Instead I felt blessed to have met him. He is a smart and happy young man. He is a kind and curious human.

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