Sunday, January 1, 2017

Feeling predictably alone.

I woke up in a mild state of confusion and disrepair. How much rum was in that punch? It was an amount. Of that is all I am sure. I sat up and drank water. The sun had access to the full surface area of the van. I had work to do - a little bit at least. So between that, and at the insistence of the sun, I decided to start my day.

The creeping feeling of loneliness returned. "Absurd!" I told myself. "I was at a party last night!"

I remember meeting people in years past. I had friends from pedaling pedicab, and from working at the bicycle shop. Another year I met Nick and Lael, who are now busy conquering the globe. We lived together for a spell, and it was wonderful. I've been down here once with a girlfriend and another time with a wife. Well, I suppose to be honest, I don't miss that a whole bunch...

Social instincts kick in when I wander away from home base. Failing instincts, a desire for interaction sets in. Today I felt alone. I took a look at phone apps, since technology can generally fix everything. Alas - the island is small, my friends. The Meetup app and Craigslist are almost useless. Either I'm the goon or they are. And I am even less confident of my luck in the wild.

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