Friday, January 13, 2017

Fresh as a daisy by the ocean.

When you live in a van, and you don't have a shower, eventually your body gets dirty. Greasy skin and an itchy scalp can both be cured in the ocean.

The island is protected by a reef. The ocean remains shallow far from the beach. I walk far out in the water. I dive under the water and scratch my hair and my scalp vigorously with all of my fingers. I reach to the bottom and grab a handful of fine sand, and rub it into my armpits and beard. I swim a little bit, but mostly I float, which sounds like a metaphor for my life. I let saltwater rinse away most of the sand. Before long, I return to the shore.

The cold ocean water makes the beach shower feel warm. If you use the shower without swimming, you freeze. I rinse myself off, use my little towel like a squeegee, and then I feel fresh as a daisy.

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