Saturday, January 7, 2017

Listening to Scientist and T-Rex.

"RAIN MY ASS!" a cranky islander shouted. I gave him a nonplussed look and shrugged. The bearded old grump shuffled back the way that he came. "They wish it would rain!" he was heard huffing in muffled tones, as he rolled a torn up suitcase into the distance. He turned a corner, and island life resumed.

I showed up to work early. A book sale was scheduled in the palm garden next to the library. A sign taped to the door announced it was postponed. Storm activity was clearly on the radar, and water is terrible for books. I was amused at the man's outburst. It's been weeks since I've seen anybody upset.

I returned to my van, and prepared to do nothing. For a soundtrack to that, I chose Scientist. Scientist announces that track five is "the curse of the mummy." As the music begins, it sounds like anything but. The entire album is like this. Dub from 1981. I love the entire thing.

Late in the afternoon, the weather began. The temperature dropped fifteen degrees as the wind picked up, and rain smashed down to the pavement. I sat at home facing the ocean, traded my tank top for a T-shirt, and enjoyed the view.

Soon it was time to relocate for the night. I listened to T-Rex as wind rocked the van. I slept like a baby under my thicker blanket.

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