Monday, January 23, 2017

Meeting some old folks again at the bar.

I met an old couple and their little dog for the second time at the same bar. This is the only bar I go to, and only for happy hour once in awhile. I went and sat down with them, and they seemed surprised that I remembered them and remembered their names. They must be in their eighties or so. They speak slowly and sound classically southern. I can tell that they tried to dress down for the island, but their attire is still almost formal.

I think these two get a hoot out of me. We talked for a long time when we originally met. I was candid about my lifestyle. Take it or leave it, who cares, right? There was scant available seating on this occasion. Their little dog, Jenny, did not need her own seat, so that one was offered to me. Jenny was moved happily to a lap.

It's easy to meet people in Key West. That much is established. I was happy to talk about where I shit and shower. Where I park and sleep. How I make money, and what I believe. In turn they told me about themselves. Everybody shared and listened and drank.

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