Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spending a day with The Kraken.

First, I arrived ungodly late at The Kraken's home where she was parked. She stays up to all hours, and I was sure she would not be asleep. First I was at happy hour, then at Eddie's boat for many additional beers. Next I arrived making bird noises. Knocking on a person's vehicle is jarring, and bird noises are my standard way to greet.

I was invited in with a smile, and enjoyed ridiculous banter while reinventing better ways to slouch. Everybody is interested in The Kraken. Her admirers are many, which gives me pause. I am also interested in more than just talking. But I will not be around much longer, and I like to repel all manner of complications and drama. I am happy and satisfied no matter what.

We are friends. I care about how she feels, and was genuinely surprised when she revealed she was less than perfectly happy. I felt sure that she owned the world. She does not. She has worries. I have had the same anxieties, but I am a little bit older, and I have considerably calmed my mind.

Today, I heard a light tapping on the side of my van. It was morning, and I opened the door to investigate. She was up late again, and hadn't gotten any sleep. She had stumbled across my van by pure accident, and decided to say hello.

I invited her in and we listened to music. I went about my usual business, while she spent many hours asleep on my bed. She wore a thin dress that would not stay in place. She wore nothing under the dress. I did not take this as a sign of interest. I merely observed this as a matter of fact. As much as I felt drawn to her, I also felt protective of her safety. I am safe, and I was happy she was here.

I kept my hands to myself. I allowed her to be comfortable and sleep. At night we watched a couple movies. I rested my head on her shoulder, and the evening was simple and nice. I did everything correctly. I went to sleep feeling slightly confused, but I wouldn't change a single thing.

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