Friday, December 9, 2016

The safe nature of my filing system.

The thing about drugs is that you keep needing more. I bumped up my Adderall intake from 10mg to 15mg. I'm prescribed a full twenty, which would currently be absurd. At first when you increase, the dividends are huge. I have been an unassailable robot for a week. Eventually, however, it all evens out. You're back where you started, but worse. Take a little bit more, and a day off gets more sluggish.

For the time being, none of that is a problem. It's only another item to be aware of. I make a list of such items on scraps of paper. I keep my papers in a roaring fire pit, and bury the ashes deep underground.


tim joe said...

Dear Chris aka Three Speed, Party Socks et al...

Sitting here at sunrise, sipping shots of cuervo and corona (my doctor told me if I didn't quit drinking morgan's and budweiser i would die) but alive nonetheless, re-reading and otherwise skimming your posts from your cross-country trip on the Hoopty Bike I found myself laughing out loud, feeling a warm rush of loving-kindness for all mankind and also weeping gently, three conditions I seldom experience.

OK. Just an old man TWI (typing while intoxicated) enjoying a quiet moment at the start of the day. Wishing you the same luck. Mania can be contagious, or should be.


Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Hey TJ,

Glad I'm not the only one who could be arrested for a TWI. Usually I confine mine to text messages, and shake my head at myself later. 747-444-1076 is textable, and I almost never judge. That's my Google voice number. You can text any time - if I can't talk I'm in airplane mode. (Me, not the phone.)

Always happy to hear someone saw a sunrise. And of course I'm honored that my writing can stoke feelings. Why don't I ever seen anybody drinking gin?

As always, thank you for checking in.