Thursday, December 8, 2016

Looking forward to laddering.

Focus on this! Focus on that! I'm doing what I usually do.

My interest at the moment is to dominate at selling books. There are a hundred things I could probably do better, but in spite of that I'm still doing great. I hope books keep existing for years, and I hope the increased competition doesn't eventually crush my job. The marketplace gets a little bit harder every year, but my skills and comfort are increasing at a higher rate.

Soon I will reach my monthly output goal, which at present is 1,000 books. I reached my monthly income goal with 27 days to spare.

There is an impending need for an abrupt about-face. This solar panel isn't going to install itself. The weather report is only curiouser and curiouser. Soon I will find myself on a yellow step ladder wearing a hat and gloves.

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