Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bedding down and synthetic in 17 degrees.

I got up late, and didn't start moving until early in the afternoon. I got an email from a Philly-based thrift store that alerted me to an immediate 50% off sale on books. I wish they'd give more notice. Twenty-four hours would help.

The temperature dropped into the 20's. I felt reluctant to go outside. I overcame personal recalcitrance and got my act together. I attached the solar panel feet to the roof a little better. The connection is not yet permanent, but it is strong and roadworthy now. Wires run down through the roof between the front seats, and don't connect to anything yet. The solar controller is not installed. That will need to happen soon.

I drove to Philly, and got some excellent books. Next was a show at Johnny Brenda's. I'd been on the fence about going, but the discounted books convinced me to stick around in the city. I took a small risk and hoped I would have an indoor spot to crash, since the temperature would dip to 17 degrees.

I found parking on a side street, and stopped at the El Bar to get cheaper drinks than at the show. After an hour, there was no chance of any driving. I bundled back up, and jogged the few blocks to the show.

I had a good time hanging out with myself. I'm having a nearly full-time out of body experience these days, and on this night especially, here's how it felt: I was able to observe myself with amusement, and watch my physical self pay and bring me along for free. He wore his new party uniform. He sported sparkly goldfish legs under jean shorts and old torn up tie dye that smells like his armpits. I regretted not suggesting colorful fingernails, but there's more time for frivolities later.

After the show, he returned to the El Bar, and waited to see if sleep would be inside or out. As the night progressed, preparations were made to batten down the hatches, and by that I mean use two sleeping bags at once. With his world spinning, he returned to the van. The temperature was crisp as he undressed for bed. He slid into the first sleeping bag, and zipped it up to the top. He shimmied into the second sleeping bag, and arranged both hoods together. He pulled down my hat, and arranged my pillow, and was asleep like the dead in five seconds flat.

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