Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mr. Money Mustache - Google this guy.

I'm done work for the year. I boxed up every last book that I plan to sell. I annexed the Staples shipping center behind a heavy fortress of book-laden boxes. (In truth, it only felt that way - this time it was a mere ten.)

I have recently been making good money. I am making way more than I need. Before I stumble and fumble the ball, I'm trying to blast as much cash into dividend and interest-bearing savings as I can.

I have been reading the excellent and entertaining advice of Mr. Money Mustache. This is one of my favorite people. The blog is rife with sound advice backed up with simple math and presented by a dude to whom I can relate. Fundamental questions are answered; investment fears are assuaged. You do not see this brand of advice on television. His blog will calmly and carefully walk you through all of the specifics. Everything he says is backed up with logic, common sense, and math. And zingers. He has the capacity to be funny as fuck.

So I've been reading a ton over there, and it has been bolstering my confidence and increasing my optimism. I've been so excited about his advice, that I've been rambling on about it to anybody who will listen. If you have an inkling, you should go check it out.

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