Wednesday, December 28, 2016

TOWARD KEY WEST >> South of the Border for sleep.

I woke up in a blurry state and prepared to hit the highway. First I stopped at home base to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. I cooked three eggs in a puddle of oil and we watched the news while I ate. Mom assembled two turkey sandwiches for the road. She put them in an empty bread bag with three oranges and two pieces of pie. I love my parents. It has been easy and comfortable staying here. I can't imagine how difficult my life might be without them. I am blessed to have such support.

I backed down the driveway, cued up some music, and drove to Route 1. I met I-95 in Maryland. Between there and South Carolina, I only stopped for gas and an oil change. I stuck to the food bag, and spent no additional dollars.

South of the Border is a purely ridiculous attraction. Built in 1949, and presumably not updated since. Fiberglass figures stand tall, and you cannot miss the lights from the road. By the time I arrived, it was late at night. I backed into a parking spot, went underneath the curtain, and made myself at home.

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