Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lazy Sunday and a folding hand truck.

I was up until four o'clock for no particular reason, so I didn't see the light until minutes before noon. Oh, wonderful Sunday - any excuse to be lazy. I performed light administrative tasks until the light disappeared too soon.

I don't ask for anything for Christmas. Things and stuff are something to deal with, and I have enough on my plate. I feel spoiled and unfairly blessed, so I don't need more fodder either physical or imagined to juggle literally or figuratively. However, the Harne family tradition is to provide beyond all reason, so I'm always along on this ride.

But, wait!

What do I need, but didn't know it? What item can I use that isn't a chore? My folks figured out that I could use a folding hand truck. Of course! I'm not sure why they gave it to me now, but I'm busy schlepping books, so it will help me with my chores.

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