Friday, December 2, 2016

Ended up at the El Bar.

Today I swooped around knocking more items off the to-do list. Everything got done. I got a new license photo. In what must be record time, I spent under eight minutes at the DMV. This is a true fact. From the time I entered to the time I walked out, less than eight minutes had elapsed.

With a warm new license in my pocket, I went to a library with a secret sale area. There is a small shelf of books upstairs, and it looks like that is everything available. However, if you ask, there are also books downstairs. Many more. Better ones. I had a field day there.

From the library, I went to hang out with Jonas. I still intend to write about our hike. Either because I'm bad at taking care of myself, or my timing was just right, he cooked for me. Or in any case, I was included. Lentils and whatnot with broccoli to put in it. It probably saved my life.

We went to the bar where I only order specials. I had too many and wondered later if I made an ass of myself. Usually when I think so, it's pretty much fine. Nobody has stabbed me yet, and I haven't lost any friends. But maybe next time when cheap whiskey spills out of my ears, I can switch to only beer instead.

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