Monday, December 26, 2016

Fixing the curtain situation for free.

No parts arrived, so today I prepared my van in other minor ways. I screwed the solar charge controller to the new section of beadboard wall.


I was riding my bicycle a few months ago, and something caught my eye from the side of the road. It turned out to be a piece of heavy canvas or vinyl material that had been used as a painter's tarp. It probably flew out of a pickup truck. I picked it up, and I can't remember why. It looked generally useful, so I stuffed it in the milk crate on my rack and continued on my way home.

Flash forward: 

Today I needed an additional piece of cloth for the van's front curtain. You can see a little bit of light through the current setup, and that will not do. The found cloth was an excellent size. No cutting needed - I just clipped it up to the roll bar. Now the curtain situation is thick enough so nobody can tell if I'm inside the van watching movies or reading a book.

If one improved curtain isn't enough to celebrate, then I'll share info on a second one: I'd misplaced my big homemade tie dye tapestry. I didn't make it, but I found it for a buck. It was at a church yard sale in Key West years ago, and it has a huge weed leaf that amuses me. The current side curtain was solid black, which made the van feel small, dark, and impersonal. I clipped up this goofy piece of cloth, and now it feels exactly like home.

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