Saturday, December 3, 2016

Goblin purchases first edition for a buck.

I woke up in the comfort of my van on the nearly empty block where I parked last night. My van was comfortable, but I was not. My head was full of goblins, and I needed coffee in a cup that is too large to physically exist. I needed a public restroom so I could rip one of the toilets right off the wall.

I had business to attend to. An hour to the north were many shelves of books with the prices cut in half. I hovered over the books like the vestige of a goblin wondering how many drinks it takes until my body wants infinitely more. And how can I communicate with this bastard? The one who dares to order these drinks? Can I slip him a suggestion that maybe if we share a body, it would be in both of our interests to keep it alive?

I felt considerably droopy, but I would not be dissuaded from due diligence on the hunt. Today was a book buying day, so I stayed focused and propped up my body until lunch. After a break and a tall vat of coffee, I began to feel completely sane. For a cherry on top, I visited one more location, where I found a first edition Hemmingway as a reward. I got The Old Man and the Sea for one dollar. It was a hardcover, and that's what hardcovers cost...

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tim joe said...

I always forget that you are a book dude.