Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

This isn't a live update. Nay. Usually they're not. Let me consult my notebook. Fuck if I remember what I was doing a couple days ago, forget about weeks... It was cold. I remember that part. Now I'm in Key West. Whatever else is happening, it is not cold. It's warm. And I have a bicycle.

Back to the past. 

Here's what I'll call a journal entry from Christmas Eve 2016:

Us Harne folk went to visit the Snells. That's my sister, my bro-in-law Karl, and my nephew Benjamin. We ate holiday fare, and went to a church service, which is another type of holiday fare. It was a nice service. They have a great church with great people.

I don't have business in a church, but I remember a time many years ago when I did. I'm agnostic. I'm not against god. I don't begrudge anyone their faith in their God. I'm no genius. I'm no scientist. I'm a dirtball on my favorite days. You can pray for me or push me into the drink. All I care about is if you're nice and you're not hurting anybody with your words or actions or beliefs. Be quick to love and quick to care. The loudest people of faith give the humble majority a bad name.

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