Friday, December 23, 2016

Careful with the crack and Adderall.

I took the day off. The main thing on my list was to screw a charge controller onto the wall of my van. Not hard stuff, but I didn't manage it. I took no Adderall, because I woke up late and did not remember.

I can tell that Adderall is not dangerous for me, because it often happens that I forget it. Compare that with crack. I don't use crack, but I certainly never forget to take booze. Adderall is a controlled substance with a risk of addiction. Given that caveat, I have always respected it down to my core. But the fact remains that it is only a tool to me. I am being more careful than I need to.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris keep us posted on your trip to the Keys today's the 27th I'm just wondering if you have left yet?

Ray Annapolis Maryland