Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wikipedia: mohawk

The title says it. I have a mohawk that's getting longer by the day. I've had a mohawk for a lot of the past lot of years. I don't know the numbers. In high school, I had spikes in the front of my hair, or just a tall wall of hair in the front. All the rest was buzzed. I didn't have a mohawk until some time after high school when I sought slightly less-traditional hair. I never spike or dye my hair anymore, and I'm pretty sure I've never spiked or dyed it since high school. In fact, at 25 years old I'm afraid that I might be too old or grown up for goofy hair. This thought crosses my mind, and I tend to ignore it. I'm comfortable with a mohawk; don't wanna chop it off. On the contrary, I've been considering spiking and dying it. I like spiked and colorful mohawks a lot. I have a decent length, and it's just kinda curly and random. It's a lazy-hawk. I have a slight ethical aversion to spending time and money on pointless aesthetic styling. This has kept my mohawk floppy for a really long time. I also have an aversion to all kinds of stuff, which results in little 'mini rules' that govern how I live. I've come to realize that some of of my rules and policies are just a product of over-thinking. Sometimes you should just do whatever you want. Don't be a blind, dull, boring shit-head - but don't paint yourself into a corner with your own policies. That's why I spent $2.99 on a ring tone. I spent $2.99 to protest my own brain, and managed to not feel guilty about starving children. Now I'm looking at mohawks online. If I were really true to myself I'd get that face tattoo I've been thinking about. Keep in mind that you only have one life with this brain and sense of reality. The more I remind myself of that the better.

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