Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Driving toward West Chester...

... from Kennett. I'm going to West Chester to see Danielle and Gary. My ostensible reason for the trip is to learn how to change my own van-oil. Gary agreed to point at things and tell me what to do. I know it's "stupid easy" so I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't changed my own oil before now. Well the oil store is closed at 8, and I pretty well know that, so now I'm just headed to West Chester to hang out. I have work tomorrow, so that arrangement is fine. I'll sleep out on the street in a quiet residential zone. I really just want to sit around with those guys anyway. I could use some talking and relaxing.

Me and Gary and Danielle talked a lot, and they listened to me scrape off brain fungus onto their coffee table. We talked about my feelings about things, and why feelings don't matter, and yet why maybe they should be respected all the same as long as they don't clog up the big scope of things. If that sounds convoluted, that's just the nature of brain fungus. Don't call the doctor. I ate some chips and I was feeling just fine.

I also got confirmation that Gary will slay dragons and wage war for me as soon as he gets the call. The feeling is mutual, Gary - I'll be there in the blizzard with my pjs on; sword drawn, serious look on my face.

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