Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sleeper Cycles

7:21 - I'm putting some more shit up for sale on my Sleeper Cycles blog. I was gonna reserve that blog for actual sleeper cycles - bicycles that are all hooked up, but low key - but now I'm just using it for any bicycle thing I have for sale. I like the format.

I still have all of my tools, work bench, charging phone and iPod/boombox sitting outside. That's a product of laziness, and I'll address those items after I get another black and tan. I did manage to make a really cool fixed gear for tall guys who like pink. It totally whips. I'm out of practice, and it's a good thing I put on some pedals with toe clips. Got my ass lifted off the seat a couple times.

7:21 also found me doing all of this stuff on a laptop that my parents got for me, pulling pictures off the SD card from the digital camera which they also got me. It's not my birthday, I think my lazy simplicity just filled them with pity. In any case whatsoever, I'm super happy with this setup, and I'll take it.

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