Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mobile blogger / Jazz bat

I've been sitting around with a laptop on my lap for hours. I've been looking at official videos and live videos from bands. I've been interneting, basically. Which is boring. To type about. But: at 7:21 I was sending a txt message to Google to set up a way to have my camera phone pictures appear online. Mobile blogging. 7:21, dude. That's what I'm up to.

I did manage to finish a bicycle. It was a pretty cheap-o bicycle, but it's running smooth for my $99 asking price. I truly believe someone could enjoy using the hell out of it for a long time. Especially in Philly: park this thing outside and you're set to go. With a u-lock and this bicycle you could get anywhere in Philly any time - smooth and easy, no problem, no worries, no need for Septa or a motorized vickle.

That's how I did it when I was in Philly. Cheap bicycle, tuned up, crushing the world. And by "crushing the world" I mean flying into center city like a bat out of hell. And by "bat out of hell" I mean over-adrenalized clown with a pink piggy helmet cover. Here's a link to the Jazz Latitude. Seriously.

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