Monday, May 26, 2008

Jonas's yard

Jonas's back yard is a work of art. It's in the thick of Philadelphia, and it's a haven. There is a two story open-air bicycle workshop that turns out wacky welded projects like tall bikes and the experimental ilk. There's a 'hot house' with a fire pit that toasts the little shack-room to a very high temperature. That's a winter thing. The walls are constructed from big old wooden-framed windows. The fire pit vents directly out a welded metal chimney. It's aptly named, this "hot house." There's big tall shady trees that shade everything. The long shady yard is lined on both sides with tall walls, closing in this little paradise. All the building materials and construction stuff are found-things and supplies. There's tables and chairs and more big found stuff. Was that a horse statue? A big welded loud bell setup?

What I'm doing now is sitting around the primary fire pit and grill. We've been eating salmon and scallops and veggie burgers and zucchini. Jonas, Nat, Caroline, Matt and me. I have the best chair, and my bare feet are catching heat off the fire. There's three really good dogs present. The weather is perfect. I'm completely relaxed and satisfied.

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