Monday, May 5, 2008

Updating my other blog, blabbing about bicycles

I have a blog that I have all but abandoned. It describes my transition toward living in a vehicle. It's at I have new information there about my feelings concerning where I am and what I'm up to - and also what I plan to be up to. I'm trying to find the right words to type as my watch beeps to tell me I should be freezing a mental image to form a description here later.

Unrelated to what I'm doing at the moment of 7:21pm: I heard Mates of State (a band), and really like it. I'm reading "Under the Banner of God" by Jon Krakaur, and really like it. I'm still not working on bicycles much. I did, however, work on my Trek 800 bicycle and ride it, and I don't like it. It was a roll of the dice: whatever. I also got my KHS Professional in a ridable form, and I do like it. My position is comfortable, but I want better parts. Better wheels, different shifters (bar end or Kelly Take-Offs that I have). Technically I'd like better brake calipers, but that's where I tell myself to shut up and relax. If I ever have a bicycle that I love and don't want to change anything, I'll be surprised. This KHS is getting close though - it's a nice bicycle for being fairly light fast and comfortable. It wouldn't work for touring though, 'cause it's not made for that. I'll likely do my tour on the Diamondback City Bike. I just keep liking that bicycle. Gotta get those Nirve cruiser bars off and switch to some good ol' northroad bars. Gotta swap the cranks and put a front derailer/shifter on too. The good news is that it's already got fenders and a rack which are both awesome. Upgrades and changes will not be difficult.

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