Monday, May 19, 2008

Turn lane toward Wawa

I'm about to turn into the parking lot of the Wawa at Route 1 and Bayard Road. I have a mug, and I'm going to get a $1.15 refill of push-button cappuccino mocha express. First I'm going to get some van gas. After that I'm hanging out in West Chester, where I'll sleep in the same street parking spot I've used a whole lot.

I don't think anyone is living in vans around West Chester, and I don't think anyone notices or cares if I do. It's under the radar. My van kinda blends in, and I don't even really try to hide or find a great spot. I just stay wherever - same places several times, whatever. I threw the stealth van parking handbook out the window. If anyone notices me and has an anti-vehicle-sleep problem, I'll discuss it with them then. For now it doesn't look like anyone will notice or give a shit. Nights have been chilly, and I've been snuggling up in a sleeping bag. That's sleeping at it's best.

Also, let me tell you about these wool socks I have: they're the best. I've used them to keep my feet toasty in situations that call for this - but until recently I hadn't realized that they're good in reasonably warm weather too. And you can wear them for a week, and they're still comfortable and dry and don't stink. If I wear my cotton socks for one day now, they feel damp and useless. And cotton gets cold when wet - wool keeps being warm. I'm switching to all wool socks. They're expensive, but I think I'll only need about 3 pair. I've already got two pair with the third on the way.

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