Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lack of beds

I'm in the process of hanging out with Matt Klopp. He's headed back to Brooklyn tomorrow, and we're sticking around West Chester today. I got out of work at 3pm, and entered a picturesque scene of the way things always ought to be. When the weather is nice, my mood is improved more than a little bit. The weather is perfect - couldn't be better. Any trace of anxiety or gloom is out. I'm as free and unencumbered as I need to be, and life is simple again. I've been slightly gloomy for days, as the weather was cold and there's been a lot of rain. Does weather really have that strong of a hold on me? I think, among other things, that it might. I don't want my brain chemicals to be so affected by shit-weather, so that's something I need to be aware of and work on.

Matt and I just went to Jake's Bar. That's the college town dive bar that everyone likes. The popularity of this bar seems unwarranted, but understandable. It's cheap to get drunk there. We shared two pitchers, which means I had a few more than a pitcher-load. Miller Lite. I wasn't very drunk, but I did have to pee in the bushes. Yea Miller.

Walking after that took us through the parking lot next to Safe Harbor, the shelter. Two women who seemed fairly distressed and very tired from driving asked if we had any idea where to go to find any kind of housing or shelter setup whatsoever. It really kills me to be powerless in this situation. I explained that aside from Safe Harbor, or the Salvation Army, I don't know who has beds. I called His Mission in Kennett, and that was out too. I'd really like to be able to help with something so basic, but what's the solution? Rent a warehouse, fill it with beds, and just open it to anyone? There really should be some way to design a setup with a ton of beds and couches but aside from said hypothetical warehouse, I don't know. Would negative consequences definitely occur from this arrangement? Worry about the consequences is probably the main reason this setup doesn't already exist. This bothered me for some time. I just wanted to tell them they could stay at my house. But I don't have a house, so that's that. They had a vehicle packed with stuff. The vehicle looked pretty nice, so did the stuff. It looks like they were leaving behind some kind of bullshit situation, taking just what was presumed necessary, and not having the details worked out at all. I feel proud of myself for having endless self sufficiency and confidence that I can handle any event, no problem. These ladies did not look prepared to handle anything. I wanted to help - but what? I'm not very well equipped to take anyone under my wing.

That all occurred right before 7:21. Right AT 7:21, Matt was talking to Alix - the girl he met in Key West. She's telling him all the things a man might want to hear, and I'm still a little bothered that I don't have a warehouse with beds.

What can you do though? I got plastered and set off an alarm.

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