Friday, May 16, 2008

Intentional communities

I'm reading descriptions of intentional communities from an online directory. You know: communes. In my mind, I picture driving to one and parking my van there for an extended stay somewhere really nice. Like an island in British Columbia on a farm. Kids and dogs are there. That could be positive. Missouri is a definite option, but my skull might not like it for long. It's on the way to Oregon though... so no loss if it's no good. I like the idea of living around people and eating together, and sharing work, but then keeping all my living space arrangements and logistics to the van. Is this a possible arrangement? It looks like it probably is. The major obstacle is combining fiercely independent flakiness with a system that compels shared work. It's probably perfectly fine, but I keep imagining the sound of hippies who whine. I'm afraid someone might think they've found an answer to a rhetorical question, and then want to share it. I bet there's good people who I want to meet all over the place. I want to see how an eco-village might work. I like the concept.

I was also reading some writing about gutterfolks in San Francisco, and that seems like a good place to go. Decade old writing. Eddie was there, and he made it sound appealing. And this guy's stuff that I was reading made it seem like a great friendly place to live in a van for some time. I could be by the ocean and also in a city where people tend toward friendly interaction. Seems a lot smarter than stewing around PA forever. Let's go. Who's in??! Oh wait - 'let me find my shoes first,' and other euphemisms for killing at least a few months in the mean time.

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tmeek said...

I like your way of thinkin man!
I emailed u bout movin to key west a bout a week ago, but i still havent made it. NO van as of yet. I,ve come close to buyin 2 0r 3 but they needed sooo much work.
Hopin to get it together soon though.
Anyways im rdy to go whenever, so hit me up!