Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wet socks, and necessary communication.

It rained all day. "Heylll yeahhh, maaan!"

He says it with a big smile and a lot of extra y's. It's not easy to type, but it's both musical and infectious in person. I say it all the time now. I exclaimed it this morning as I rode fast through pounding rain. I caught up with my work buddy on our commute to the shop. I exclaimed it, and he looked at me with a big grin as I pulled up two feet to his left on the Hoopty going fast. We're professional commuters, he told me. He had grocery bags tied around his feet. My approach was to bring an extra pair of socks which I never bothered to put on. We rode to work and neither one of us could see shit, because we both sported spotty spectacles.

Rain gear doesn't work 100%. I arrived at work fully soaked, and stayed that way for the next twelve hours. After work me and my buddy rode in some more rain. It happened to be his birthday, and he was having a party. I bought a case of beer for the table. Anyone could have some. At multiple points during the day I leapt into a big puddle that covered my shoes entirely. At a certain point it doesn't matter anymore.

I talked to Shelly today. I finally got paid for all of my tools. All of my personal tools became the property of the shop, and finally a fair price was agreed upon. More importantly, there's been a tension between us. Not a tension, but an unfortunate breakdown of communication. More accurately, I let slip one blurb of how I feel and feelings are hurt. She cries, and I don't sleep that night. Finally we talked. I was able to use full sentences, and I think we understand each other. All I want is for her to succeed. And I also need to take care of my own interests. That's all. We had coffee and we explained ourselves as I sat at a table in wet socks. We want the best for each other. None of that other stuff matters.

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