Monday, September 19, 2011

How to recognize a date before you're on it.

I have a crush on her blog. It's cute and wholesome. And she's a good google-chat talker. But eventually it becomes time to meet in person. That's what friends do.

Meeting up for drinks at Newton's in uptown Kennett turned into something resembling a date. I could have at least showered or put on a fresh shirt. Signals were different than expected, and I tried my best to get with the program.

She's funny. She's easy to talk to and she says whatever she wants. She has straight clean blonde hair and strong sexy spectacles. We racked up a good pint-sized bar tab, but were only charged the price of a sip. It's good to know your bartenders personally - especially if the restaurant is bankrupt and will be closing in a few days. Another shot of expensive bourbon? Certainly.

Sometimes I'm reminded how good it is to be the owner of a van with limo lighting. It's a good deal to be an adult with a human body. Affection and a sigh of relief hung in the air.

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