Friday, September 30, 2011

Cowboys drink, smoke weed, and get sandwiches took.

I'm still searching for ways to stay active and happy. I made plans today. I'll see Kristin on Monday, and I'll go to the farm on Wednesday. Tuesday is the coveted comedy night in Newark.

Tonight, the plan was Trexlertown. There is a huge bicycle swap meet in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania tomorrow, and I will be there with $700 cash in my pocket. I will buy parts which can be sold for much more on eBay. My focus will be on small and easy to ship parts - cranksets, derailers, brake calipers, shifters... and whatever suits my fancy fancy fancy. I will be howling for lower prices and dropping cash on every table. I am the man. Dig it.

It's a party. Many people show up the night before. Tents are set up, and fires are started. There is plenty of beer, and growing anticipation before the attack.

Shelly and I had dinner at her girlfriend's place and hung out until it was time to go. I appreciated that Shelly took the keys to the van, and I was free to pound many beers while iPod DJ-ing our ride toward success. We were babysitting a wonderful dog, and the three of us were in general cohoots.

Arrival. A large grassy field which will fill with cars tomorrow has only a dozen or so tonight. Many arrive by bicycle. I had a beer in one hand and a phone in the other as I texted some people who I expected to see. I sat around a fire and smoked mad weed before meeting some other late arrivals and smoking more indeed. It was time to sleep.

Time for bed. This is not my right to say, but I put my arm around Shelly and I pulled her close. I love her more than myself. I pulled my pillow closer to the crook of my neck and was comfortably asleep until the sun came up. That's when I realized that the dog ate most of my sandwich.

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