Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Batshit, small, and back to reality.

I got my glasses fixed. I guess some of that rolling around in the grass knocked out a lens. Lens Crafters had me fixed up in about an hour. Two fresh lenses, and boy is my life a piece of cake.

Anxiety. Sometimes I have it. Music helps. Music is a calm hand placed reassuringly on my chest. It looks me in the eyes and doesn't need to explain why or what it understands about me. Music knows me better than I know myself.

For a man so stubbornly batshit, I can really begin to feel small. Back to the dirt. Back to being humble and sleeping under a blanket of dirt. Back to the Earth. Cradle my brain in two hands and place it down gently. Be a friend. Stand here with me as my heart beats. Distract me as the clock keeps laughing.

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